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Turbo 1-1w-2-4

Turbo 1-1w-2-4 professional machines represent the top-range of Gianni Ferrari collecting units and guarantee SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE UNDER ALL APPLICATIONS.


These machines have been designed and built with regard to safety and reliability in every working condition. The machine and relevant equipment have been subjected to various tests and checks provided by the EEC regulations for safety, noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions. Several devices have been installed on the machine to ensure maximum safety.



Rotary broom

Weed brush

Contrary rotation collection deck RCA, 150 cm

Side discharge deck, 130 cm

Rear discharge + mulching deck, 130 cm

Mulching + side discharge deck, 150 cm

Rear discharge deck, 150 cm

Rear discharge + mulching deck, 165 cm

Flail mower, 120 cm

Flail mower, 150 cm

Aerator / dethatcher, 100 cm

Sweeper for artificial turf with infill, 100 cm

Sweeper for unfilled artificial grass, 100 cm

Leaf vac deck EOLO, 130 cm

Leaf vacuum

Single-stage collection sweeper TS 150, 150 cm

Two-stage collection sweeper, 150 cm

Snow blade, 150 cm

Snow thrower, 130 cm

Spreader, 110-170 lt

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turbo 1234


Compact and powerful. The latest Turbo 1 is extremely efficient on flat ground or on areas with slight slopes. A powerful 3 cylinder diesel engine and a large blower allow very high cutting speed and a very good cutting quality even with high, wet grass. A 1100 litre grass collector, together with a high dump elevator (dumping at 2.1 mt) will make your job extremely productive with a top speed of 18 km/h. Very compact, can easily work with obstacles and narrow paths. The Turbo 1W is provided with patented HTC™ (Hydrostatic Traction Control) 4 wheel drive for a perfect traction on hard slopes.


For a maximum of efficiency. Turbo 2 has the same features as Turbo 1 but with a more powerful 4 cylinder diesel engine, a better performing transmission and a 1300 litre grass collector. Performances in open areas consequently improve: a football field with thick and wet grass can be cut and collected within an hour, with a cutting quality very close to that obtained by a cylinder mower.


For maximum traction and power. Unbeatable on areas with strong slopes. The low center of gravity of theTurbo4 allows safe cutting even on the side of slopes, where competitors’ mowers could not work. The exclusive HTC™ automatic traction control allows a very sharp turning radius, providing the machine with high maneuverability. Power, collector capacity, speed as Turbo 2.

TURBO 4 Cruiser

Comfort is not an option!!
Cab is suspended on anti-vibration mountings and, due to the usage of electric and electro-hydraulic controls, there is no rigid mechanical linkage between the cab and the machine. Therefore the driver’s seat is completely insulated from the traction unit. The use of special mats provides further insulation. Thanks to all the above, the Turbo Cruiser cab ensures excellent ergonomics and comfort in any climatic situation.
turbo 4

»   Cab suspended on 4 isomounts, these isolate the driver’s seat from the machine chassis and engine

»   ONLY 2 meter high. Receding and rounded ROPS cab shape allows easy operation under trees

»   Headlights (high/low beam), turn signals, mirrors and beacon for onroad use

»   Wide safety glass surface for maximum visibility and safety

»   Easy safe access from both sides. Easily removable doors as well

turbo 4 pic


Inlet and collecting system

The intake duct connecting the front attachment to the fan is made of strong steel instead of plastic for long life. The powerful vacuum fan has a large diameter producing a high input of air at low rpm resulting in low noise level. The vacuum fan is equipped with 6 curved rotor blades that are easily changed in case of damage or wear.


The collector is made of high strength polyethylene equipped with a filter, a self locking back door, a chute and buzzer warning when the container is full. The grass filter is composed of easily removable metal mesh with plastic protection reducing cleaning time. The rear door automatically opens when the collector is tipped. An efficient and strong hydraulic high-lift dump up to 220 cm (option) allows the operator to easily and rapidly discharge the cut grass directly into a truck or a trailer. All these features drastically reduce your cutting and tipping time.


Two large disk brakes positioned on axle reduction gear case gives positive and safe braking even on steep slopes.


Gianni Ferrari offers the advanced engines on the market: Kubota 3 or 4 cylinder for maximum reliability, power and low noise level in full compliance with the last regulations.

Transmission Turbo 1 and Turbo 2

Turbo 1 and 2 are provided with step up drive hydrostatic transmission with variable pump and hydro motor. Front axle with differential lock.

Transmission Turbo 1W

The double transmission is provided by 2 orbital hydro motors connected to the rear wheels. The system is provided with an automatic partial disengagement valve on the front axle to avoid scuffing and to increase the steering angle of the machine.

Transmission Turbo 4

The double hydrostatic transmission is provided by a system composed of a variable displacement hydraulic pump with powerful drive that controls two hydraulic motors, one per axle. Each hydraulic motor is installed on a differential gear connecting two gear drives in an oil bath that transmits motion to each wheel via gear reduction system for greater torque. The system is fixed on a strong chassis manufactured of solid 20 mm thick steel. The system is extremely safe and powerful, and enables the machine to easily climb the most difficult slopes. The differential gear on the front axle is equipped with a differential lock to further improve the traction of the machine. The rear drive axle differentiates itself from traditional steering wheels axles by the absence of a steering universal joint, allowing a tighter steering angle. A further patented device that increases the steering angle comprises an automatic proportional control of the front axle. Therefore the machine can steer with a turning radius of only 60 cm! The machine has an extremely low centre of gravity enabling it to go across a slope without the fear of tipping over.



Driving position

Since this is a highly professional machine, intended for extended use during day time, particular attention has been paid to the operator’s seat and control ergonomics to give the driver maximum comfort and safety. The controls for the engine, the blade engagement and the hydraulic devices (deck lift, collector emptying and lifting) are all located near the operator’s right hand and are all easily accessible. Warning lights and level gauges are located on the steering console arm. The tilt adjustable steering arm always allows the correct drive position to be achieved by the operator and it is extremely comfortable. Access to the seat is unhindered as there are no obstacles between the steering wheel, seat and foot-platform. The power steering has its own hydraulic pump that controls a double action steering ram and also acts as a connection bar to the steering hubs. The foot-platform is mounted on isomounts and is fully adjustable to the vertical position allowing the mower deck to be safely tilted via hydraulic power to vertical. The seat is adjustable in various positions for better comfort. 3 heights, full slide, adjustable back and armrests plus weight adjustment from 50 to 130 kg. If requested is available a heated seat model.

Protection structure (ROPS)

It offers a complete driver protection in case of a machine roll over. The structure comes complete with safety seat belts.

Canopy for foldable ROPS (optional)

It provides sun and rain protection. It also protects driver from branches when working under trees.

Dump body

An aluminum dump body can equip the mower without the collection system, and be very useful for transport of sand, debris, tools or other material.