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Hire Rates from Stuart Taylor International

Machines subject to availability and prices do not include delivery or collection.

 Per DayPer Week
Compact Tractor 20hp£80.00£300.00
Compact Tractor 30hp£100.00£350.00
Compact Tractor 30hp c/w£100.00£350.00
Tractor c/w full cab & tractor mounter trencher fitted with waste spoil conveyor for quick loading into trailers£280.00£825.00
Ride on lawn mower, 17hp diesel ride on c/w 44" r/disch cutter deck£65.00£180.00
Ride on lawn mower, 24hp diesel ride on 48" r/disch cutter and collect£90.00£300.00
John Deere 1445 Outfront Rotary Mower£100.00£350.00
John Deere 2653a Triple Mower£100.00£450.00
John Deere 2500a Greens Triple£100.00£450.00
John Deere 3235a Fairway Mower£150.00£600.00
John Deere Diesel Gator£80.00£300.00
6" Towed Wood Chipper£150.00£500.00
Gianni Ferrari T4£120.00£480.00

Please ask about our banking machines
Aebi TT70
Reform H7
Mulag RM70
Aebi C66 walk-behind flail mower

Tractor Mounted EquipmentPer DayPer Week
1.5m Scarifier Collector (requires 30hp+)£145.00£450.00
Blec 1.1m Stone Brier (requires 20hp+)£135.00£450.00
Blec 1.2m Overseeder (greens)£80.00£320.00
1.5m Aercore c/w 1 set 1/2"£185.00£650.00
1.5m Aercore c/w£80.00£320.00


Small EquipmentPer DayPer Week
Garden h/duty scarifier / renovator£400.00P.O.A.
Sisis Trio-Rotorake scarifier c/w collector£35.00£140.00
Hand Mower£80.00£320.00
18" Scarifier£35.00£140.00
Groundsman Pedestrian Punch Action Aerator£95.00£350.00
Jacobsen Renovator / Disc Seeder£80.00£320.00
Kwick Trench 2" x 12" Trencher£80.00£320.00
Hydro-Drive Overseeder£80.00£300.00
Turf Cutter£75.00£300.00
Hustler 36" Outfront Rotary Mower£75.00£300.00
21" Self Drive Rough Cut£35.00£105.00
21" Mulch Mower£25.00£75.00
Stihl Backpack Blower£25.00£75.00
30" Hedge Trimmer£25.00£75.00